Yoli on Amazon!!!

Let’s start off by saying that those who seek immediate results by doing very little to your habits shouldn’t be spending money on a diet program. Every diet requires major changes to the way you eat and what you eat, as well as how much you eat.

I weighed 165lbs before yoli; after a full month, lost 25lbs. I’m currently 30 @ 5’7″. Here’s how did it:

Prior to starting yoli, I researched the regimen and daily meal plans. I weened myself away from any fast food and soda a few weeks before my start date. It helps a lot, rather than starting a brand new eating regimen, the day you start yoli. Additionally, I started to eat less per meal and spread it out throughout the day, since that’s the idea behind yoli.

On my first week, I was eating 6oz of protein per meal, as well as using the Yes! shake as a meal substitute, as directed. By the second week, I was down to 4oz and not starving anymore. The first week of any diet is terrible. You’re hungry and tired all the time. But it gets better.

I know the alkalete pills say take 2, but I was taking 3. 1 pill per 25lbs. so I had to take 6 total, 3 in the morning and 3 before bed. And in week 1, I was only taking 2 pure pills, but on week 2-3 I was doing 3 before bed. This helped with bowel movements. By week 4, my body had adjusted and dropped to only 2 pure pills per day. (Tip: squeeze some lemon in your water when taking Pure pills, it really helps)

Following these steps helped me drop those pounds and went from size 32 waist to 30…my target size.

Follow the program and you’ll do just fine. But I highly recommend doing yoli if you determined and willing to give up your old habits that got you to where you are now. If it seems impossible to give up 2 eggs, 3 bacon, and pancakes every breakfast and soda..diets, in general, aren’t for you.


– if you’re feeling dizzy the first week, you can drink a few sips of juice to help with your sugar levels. But always opt for water.
– get fresh sliced deli meats instead of packaged (packaged meats contain more sodium)
– if you are really starving, it’s okay to sneak in a few 1-2 slices of meats, or 1 string cheese.
– if you are in a situation that involves food, like a party, it’s okay to eat real food, but in moderation (400-600 calorie) and stay away from fried foods and high sugar, fatty, and carb-loaded foods (put that bread down!). In this case, you’ll have to skip the next meal day and make it a protein only day. So after your dinner party, you’ll have 3 days of protein only till your next meal day.

IMPORTANT: if you’re hungry to the point where you can’t function normally, you need to intake some protein. You need to avoid going into “starvation mode” at all costs! Once your body starts that mode, your metabolism will drastically slow down and you won’t lose weight for days or a week.

Additionally, avoid going to the gym or excessive workouts or excercise, ie. running, jogging, weight lifting, spin classes, yoga. Walking your dog around the neighborhood is fine, but you’ll need to eat a slice of meat or cheese to make up for the burned protein. Workouts burn protein and need to be replenished after said workout, so avoid them during yoli.

Lastly, check what your height/weight proportion should be. If you are considered to be within average, based on your body frame, don’t buy yoli. You won’t see the drastic changes many see from yoli, and you’ll just be disappointed that you didn’t lose those 10 pounds. Yoli really is for those who are 10-50+ overweight from their respective height/weight averages.

Hope this helps, and good luck to you.

Yoli on Amazon!!!