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At first, like everyone else, I was very skeptical to think that ebates actually works. So, I signed up in October 2013 and made a few purchases. I got a $5 check back in December 2013, which wasn’t much, but it was something. But, then on Feb 14, 2014, I received a check for $2,589.50. I about fell over. But after doing some looking. $9.50 was from rebates for 2 purchases I made in December, and the other $2,580 was from referring friends and family.

Do not hesitate to sign up with them. Use this link http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=U0Qm9y71SrWbmu1QEbsniA%3D%3D

To use Ebates all you have to do is create an account and select a store. It’s super easy. Ebates directs you to the site of the store you select and tracks your purchase.

Examples of the current cash back bonuses:
Kohls 6%
Walgreens 8%
Sephora 8%
QVC 2.5%
Old Navy 2%

I am very impressed with Ebates so far.

Go to Ebates and sign up (you get $5 just for signing up for the service). I checked out the stores which are part of their network and although some of the rebates at their partners are nominal (like 6% cash back on Disney), rebates at places like Drugstore or Petco, are at a 10-12% rebate, and over time that can save you a nice sum. We shop at Walmart a lot. If I know ahead of the time, I jump online and go to ebates and then lick on Walmart’s link. I get 1% back at Walmart. Sure it’ll take time to add up, but something is better than nothing. Of course, I always select pickup at the store, which saves me on the shipping costs. If you shop for necessities that you use daily, weekly, or monthly online, you might as well do it through a site that gives you money back for some of what you spend.

Again, go to ebates and sign up. http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=U0Qm9y71SrWbmu1QEbsniA%3D%3D